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Adinkra Symbol: Sankofa

About Ebony Adventours


President Obama's Trip to the Slave Castle in Ghana


Ebony Adventours was founded by Renae McMillan.  In 2004, Renae traveled to Accra, Ghana as an International Marketing Manager for PRO-LINE Haircare Products and toured the slave castle, which was used to hold, break and torture the slaves prior to transporting them to America. The tour was a once in a lifetime experience and from that point forward, she developed a passion for history and the importance of teaching our youth to understand their history. 

In Ghana, she learned about the Adinkra symbol, Sankoka ("return and get it"), which means to learn from the past. Therefore, she loves learning about history especially family, black and bible history and teaching it to others.  

The purpose of Ebony Adventours is 1) to set out on an adventure to find the lost history of our ancestors so that we better understand who we are and where we came from, 2) to teach our youth about their history and assist them in walking into their future and 3) to organize once in a lifetime experiences for men, women and children of color to destinations on their bucket list where they have never gone before. 

​Stands for: "return and get it"

The importance of learning from your past.